I Just Got Saved!

We want to help you follow Jesus after you give your life to Him. Soon we’ll be posting a bunch more videos to answer questions that a lot of people have after they get saved. But for now…

(1) Prayer – Start talking to Jesus about anything and everything – Get to know God through prayer.

(2) The Bible – Start reading your Bible in the Gospel of John or Mark – Get to know Jesus through His Word. And if you don’t have a Bible, let your church know. 

(3) Church – Start going to church and let others who follow Christ help answer your questions and encourage you to keep following Jesus.

(4) Baptism – Follow the Lord in baptism. Remember, baptism doesn’t save you but is a big step in following Jesus and letting people know that you’ve given your life to Christ.

What if I do something wrong?

What happens if I do something wrong after I get saved? Am I still saved? Great question. Watch this video to find out…


"Jesus must become greater; I must become less." John 3:30