Now What?

Getting saved isn’t just about going to Heaven someday. God wants to walk with you everyday and you can live unashamedly for Him.

Below are a few commonly asked questions after someone gets saved:

What is Baptism?

Baptism does not save you but is a step of following Jesus after you are saved. Picture it like a wedding ring–If I take off my wedding ring, am I still married. Of course. But my wedding ring tells the world that I’m married. It’s a symbol of something that happened in the past and of who I am today. In a similar way, baptism doesn’t save it–It’s a symbol that says that you’ve already been saved.

But beyond a symbols, it’s also an act of obedience. The Bible tells us to be baptized. Going beneath the water is a picture that Jesus died, was buried, and rose again. And in the same way, when you were saved, you died to self, was buried with Christ, and He raised you to a new life.

Ask us your questions and contact us if you’ve been saved but need to be baptized.

What If I Do Something Wrong After I’m Saved?

This 3-minute video illustrates what happens when someone does something wrong after they’ve given their life to Christ.

We want to help you understand better the decision you’ve made and to help you grow in your new relationship with Jesus. Feel free to ask your questions and to let us know how we can help.